"We need a comprehensive rewriting of the rules of the economy."
U.S. tax cuts could cost Canada 650,000 jobs, says a report for Canada's top CEOs. The solution? Tax cuts for business, and hikes for the rest of us.
53 per cent of firms do not have any female executives.
CMHC finds evidence of trouble in eight Canadian housing markets.
But gridlock and home prices don't help it much.
By making it easier to navigate the tax rules and meet their obligations, Canadians will spend less time and less of their money on preparing their taxes, leaving more in their pockets. For Canadian businesses, productivity could improve as they spend less time, effort and capital dealing with tax compliance and red tape.
A new report on real estate trends says foreign investors may start looking beyond Toronto and Vancouver.
Canadians will drive a resurgence in traditional media over the next five years as they continue to seek out shared, live
Entrepreneurship is about going over, around, under or right through obstacles. It's not for the faint of heart. "It's not just the one who has the most money wins. It's how much are you giving? How much dignity are you giving? How much are you enabling others to gain?"
Recently, a very senior marketing professional who works at one of the world's largest corporations was recounting a story of how they saw a postal truck outside of their corporate head offices in Silicon Valley, and every single parcel that was being offloaded from this truck was from Amazon. He thought to himself: "This is the what retail looks like in 2012."