quebec charter of values

They said a similar ban is unlikely to be placed in Quebec.
He's returning to journalism.
Emotion, not reason, motivates independence movements. The desire for Quebec's independence is an ethnic project: that of the francophone nation composed of the roughly 77 per cent of Quebec's people sharing a common language, history, and culture, and who want to maintain its existence in North America. The project has no meaning otherwise.
Recently, Quebec has witnessed very alarming anti-Muslim and anti-Islam rhetoric that has led to moral onslaught against citizens of Muslim faith. The discriminatory campaigns against any group of citizens due to their religious or ethnic background will lead to unhealthy social harmony within any society.
But Pauline Marois lost the game to Philippe Couillard. By choosing to openly flaunt the card of an unwanted referendum and sovereign Quebec, she is caught in her own trap. And by inadvertently bringing to light the aspect of her privileged profile, she has fallen out among the province's populace.
MONTREAL - A prominent supporter of the Parti Quebecois' values charter made waves in the provincial election campaign on
With the Parti Québécois (PQ) trailing in the polls, the architect behind Quebec's Charter of Values said that students should
Don't like the Quebec Charter of Values? Then this is for you. The following infographic, which was posted to Reddit on Tuesday
Montreal artist Marina Totino committed a creative act of electoral sign defacement. Totino drew a hijab on a Pauline Marois
MONTREAL - The head of cable and media company Cogeco Inc. has stepped into Quebec's political debate about a charter to