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QUEBEC - The chief architect of Quebec's proposed values charter is insisting the former Parti Quebecois government had all
Was the rise in voter turnout linked to an increase of immigrant and visible minorities voters? Was it the Charter or the spectre of another referendum for them to "steal" that drove them to the polls in record numbers? If Premier Marois had access to better polling data surveying minorities who make up a sizeable chuck of the electorate, would she have pulled the electoral chain to begin with? As pollsters drown in the sea of complacency and/or mortal fear of uncovering the uncomfortable truths, the necessary examination of voters will continue to falter.
Don't like the Quebec Charter of Values? Then this is for you. The following infographic, which was posted to Reddit on Tuesday
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg What does it say about Canada that two of the most popular things in the country right now are the Quebec Charter of Values and Rob Ford? We're continuously told these things are, in fact, grossly unpopular. But if the polls are to be believed, both actually enjoy a larger, stabler base of loyalists than many of the people doing the loudest scolding.
With hearings on the secular charter due to begin Tuesday morning at the national assembly, many Quebecers are wearing overt
Imagine your child's favourite teacher. This teacher is known to provide her students with an enriched classroom. Now imagine that this exemplary teacher is a person who subscribes to a religious faith for which she dresses in a particular fashion. Should she remove the outward signs of her faith so that she can keep teaching?
For reference, this is what he usually looks like. Because the tenor of the debate over Quebec's proposed "Charter of Values
The PQ has decided that certain elements are culturally "Quebecois" and can stay, while everything else must go. In essence, the Charter is the PQ's attempt to dictate which cultures are acceptable and which are threatening.
QUEBEC - The Parti Quebecois' controversial values charter is being rebranded — and its official new name is a mouthful. It
Quebec's Human Rights Commission has taken the highly unusual step of commenting on a government proposal, delivering one of the most forceful rebukes yet to the Parti Québécois' Charter of Quebec Values. According to the Commission, the values charter would represent "a clear break" with Quebec's Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.