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quebec city mosque attack

“This tragedy reminds us of the urgency to stand up against these hateful acts and online radicalization."
"The world cannot continue like this."
He told the police he didn't do anything wrong.
The carnage lasts all of two minutes.
"It's really emotional. It's really something."
In politics, it is useless to cast off on others the responsibility for failure, retreat or tragedy. On the contrary, it is necessary to always and without complacency ask ourselves, each one of us and together, what we could have done otherwise to avoid such a tragedy and what could be done to prevent it from happening again.
Mourners gathered in Montreal for the funeral of three Quebec City mosque attack victims.
The mosque's vice-president says he wanted to open the centre to the public so people can see what worshippers had to suffer.
He also "liked" French politician Marine Le Pen who has won accolades from white supremacists and is known for her anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant ideology.
“To say we are open, we are an inclusive society, we welcome Muslims and refugees here, you have a home here, that needs to be backed up."