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Quebec is pushing to reopen talks.
Quebec government develops 200-page document titled "Quebecers: Our Way of Being Canadians."
ST-TITE, Que. - Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard is now downplaying his desire to have Quebec sign the Canadian Constitution
The meeting, which officially started today, includes Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, whose federalist Liberal party defeated
QUEBEC - The Quebec government wants an independent inquiry into allegations a former Supreme Court of Canada chief justice
QUEBEC - The Supreme Court of Canada says it will investigate allegations that some of its members intervened in the repatriation
The Constitution of 1982 is the fundamental law of the land everywhere in Canada, including Quebec, notwithstanding the regrettable fact that the then sovereigntist premier of Quebec, René Lévesque, refused to sign the final document. However, although not legally necessary, it is nevertheless desirable that the National Assembly of Quebec formally endorse the 1982 constitutional changes.
Philippe Couillard, the newly elected Quebec Liberal party leader, says Quebec’s lack of signature on the Canadian Constitution
ST-JEROME, Que. - Justin Trudeau says he has no intention of getting bogged down in the kind of constitutional squabbling
MONTREAL - An overwhelming majority of respondents to a Quebec poll say the patriation of the Constitution 30 years ago was