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QUEBEC - Quebec is amending its language laws to require retailers to add a French description to go with their commercial
MONTREAL - A Quebec judge has rejected a legal challenge by about two dozen businesses that were prosecuted for not respecting
Either under pressure from Quebec’s language watchdog or on their own initiative, numerous English-only retail websites have
MONTREAL - A judge has ruled that major retailers do not have to modify their commercial trademark English names into French
Eva Cooper owns a women’s boutique clothing store with locations in Ottawa’s Glebe neighbourhood, as well as in Chelsea, Que
The government of Quebec is attempting yet again to further its agenda of imposing the supremacy of one language group above human rights. We are getting perilously close to losing this country if we continue to appease Quebec by giving in to these violations.
Quebec’s human rights commission is criticizing the proposed changes to the province’s language laws under Bill 14. The controversial
MONTREAL - English-rights activists in Quebec are raising concerns about a proposed new language law they say infringes on