Quebec language police

Either under pressure from Quebec’s language watchdog or on their own initiative, numerous English-only retail websites have
In the latest skirmish over Quebec’s language laws, a Montreal area salad bar is fighting an order from the province’s language
A Chelsea store owner says Quebec's French-language office has "softened" its position over her English Facebook page.  In
Eva Cooper owns a women’s boutique clothing store with locations in Ottawa’s Glebe neighbourhood, as well as in Chelsea, Que
Two Montreal hospital workers have caught the attention of the Office québécoisde la languefrançaise for speaking to each
MONTREAL - The internationally renowned Pastagate affair has resulted in new ways for Quebec's language watchdog to handle
The Office Quebecoise de la Langue Francaise has opened an investigation into the yogurt chain Menchie's. The issue: The plastic spoons are embossed with English words. At a certain point, Quebec citizens must ask: Can we sleep at night despite knowing that a spoon is not 100% bilingue?
Quebec’s so-called language police are evidently going after plastic frozen yogurt spoons. A Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt location
QUEBEC - The Quebec government has introduced a new initiative that encourages cabinet ministers to speak only French to
The Language Police are at it again – and this time, they’re going ‘under the cover.’ In the YouTube comedy that follows