quebec student strike

Police demanded protesters disperse after having made their way through the downtown core. The protest, organized by the
MONTREAL - A class-action lawsuit is being organized by young Quebecers frustrated because they say they were hurt by the
The University of Montreal has suspended classes in the departments that have been targeted by student protesters since Monday
MONTREAL - Quebec's controversial back-to-school law was wielded for the first time ever by Montreal police after showdowns
The student protests shut down Quebec higher education, gained international attention and shook that province's politics. By all accounts, the democratic protests were highly successful at gaining attention.There's only one catch: the protests were anything but democratic. Indeed, it would have been illegal for any labour union in the country to conduct itself the way the student union leadership did. The next Quebec government needs to democratize the student associations. If they want the right to strike like regular labour unions, shouldn't they be held to the same basic democratic standards?
After months of boycott, students at every Quebec CEGEPs will be resuming classes. Friday afternoon, students at CEGEP du
One person was arrested by Montreal police Monday morning during a student protest to underline the forced return to class
MONTREAL - The more hardcore Quebec student activists say they will receive help from outside the province as they form picket
Thousands of Quebec post-secondary students are preparing to make up their winter session, but those plans may be stalled
MONTREAL - A group of Quebec students voting on whether to return to school, a decision that could hold far-reaching political