quebec tuition protests

"From the moment people are suspected of terrorism or incitement to terrorism, the impact on the morale of people who are
MONTREAL - Not even the most militant of Quebec's student federations expects this week's education summit to plunge the
DRUMMONDVILLE, Que. - Quebec student groups didn't get along well with the province's Liberal government — and now things
MONTREAL - One Quebec student group says that with tuition hikes officially off the table, it will now champion the idea
MONTREAL - Quebec's student strikes, which gained international attention in the spring, now face a pivotal week as students
The secret law during the G20 and the list of laws passed in Québec to quell protests share a common characteristic: they're virtually impossible to enforce consistently. What good is a law that, once passed, is applied selectively? It places a tremendous amount of power in the hands of police who have proven unable to yield such powers appropriately.
MONTREAL - Large daytime protests are being held in Quebec today, just as they have for each of the last four months, on
MONTREAL - With barbecues and beachfronts beckoning, Quebec students fighting tuition increases are turning to election-style
MONTREAL - Faced with public threats of protests and disruption, the Canadian Grand Prix has cancelled the event's free opening
MONTREAL - A legal challenge against Quebec's controversial protest law will now be heard Friday. The case was scheduled