The warmth might take longer than normal to arrive in B.C. this year.
The Magpie river has long been a culturally significant spot for the Innu of Ekuanitshit.
Thousands of vulnerable seniors across Canada could be left behind.
A private member’s bill encouraging the change was defeated by the Liberals, NDP and Green MPs.
“I’m not going to take public money for uneaten popcorn,” said Vincenzo Guzzo.
The chain will remain under Canadian ownership with the new sale.
A media campaign is encouraging Quebec residents to see if they qualify for reimbursement.
“This tragedy reminds us of the urgency to stand up against these hateful acts and online radicalization."
The premier previously refused to allow exemptions after a man was found dead in Montreal.
Some might use the loophole to avoid a fine, Quebec's premier says.