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Queen's Park

He also said an independent MPP joining large gatherings to protest COVID-19 lockdowns is “totally inappropriate.”
The current premier said he had the "utmost respect" for the former Liberal premier.
Not the welcome wagon Ontario lawmakers were expecting after breaking for five months.
Some of the T-shirts were clearly free.
'This is our place. This is our province. This is our city.'
Singh, a 38-year-old criminal defense lawyer and fellow turbaned Sikh, seems poised to rock and roll his way to the leadership of the federal NDP party in the hopes he can rock federal politics itself and roll Justin Trudeau in the ultimate charm offensive showdown -- the next federal election.
Did you know that the fastest growing line item in the Ontario Liberal budget is interest payments on debt? At $11.5 billion, interest on debt is the fourth biggest spending category in the Liberal budget. This might be good for bankers and bondholders. . But it's not good for you. It's not good for most people in Ontario.
In a historic move demonstrating commitment to democracy and human rights, the Ontario Legislature passed a motion to recognize the 1984 anti-Sikh violence as genocide. The term genocide is politically charged and because of this it is rarely used. But, in this instance, acknowledging what happened in 1984 was genocide was truthful, sincere and healing.
Contingency fees have made it easier for trial lawyers to overcharge unsuspecting clients. This will continue to happen unless there is a cap on contingency fees. How many more Ontarians have to be overcharged thousands of dollars before the law society takes this issue seriously and makes a change?
Road tolls provide more than just a funding tool to build transit. Road pricing also reduces congestion. It creates incentives to carpool or take transit. Pricing is essential to allocating scarce road resources efficiently and affordably. Instead of being honest with people about the need for funding solutions, however, politicians at Queen's Park have poured cold water on Toronto's plan to pay for transit.