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It’s as simple as naming every single city and town in Canada. Easy, right?
Business travel is on the rise. We are in the era of globalization. You are travelling more and more. Your partners are planetary. Avoid a diplomatic blunder or embarrassment as a company ambassador by taking a moment to validate your cultural quotient.
Think you could pass the exam that newcomers take to become Canadian citizens? Citizenship Week is upon us -- the perfect opportunity to test your knowledge with these five questions based on the Discover Canada Study Guide from Historica Canada's Citizenship Challenge.
Because where you are isn't necessarily where you should be. Quiz widget by
So you’re dreaming about winning the lottery: What type of winner would you be? Are you going to swim in a pool of gold coins
Our all-powerful, all-seeing quizmaster is on a break today so we bring you this short news quiz to fulfill your question
By Sharon Tanenbaum Summertime: the season of lazy beach days, blockbuster movies, and diet traps. From fairs to beach side