Premier John Horgan said it was important to prosecute hate crimes even if they're more difficult to prove.
Where is that black-square and “we-stand-against-racism” energy from last summer?
Canada must confront settler society's past and present role in erasing Indigenous identities.
Alameda County sheriff’s deputy Alan Strickland dropped his lawsuit against the Raptors president last week.
Montreal was considered the seventh deadliest place in the world for COVID-19 related deaths.
Mamadi III Fara Camara was arrested on Jan. 28 in connection with an attack on a Montreal police officer.
Edmonton Police are investigating the attacks, which took place on Wednesday.
Several Manchester United players have been the target of racist abuse this week.
Staff checked the baby’s heart rate and said she did not need to be in hospital despite her concerns and desire to be kept at the facility, her uncle said.
Dr. Wynand Wessels “acted with the intention of sending a message that would be reasonably interpreted as intimidating or threatening," the college said.