Raif Badawi

He was pressed on his government's relationship with Saudi Arabia.
It's recalling its own ambassador in Ottawa, too.
Raif Badawi has been flogged, imprisoned for criticizing Saudi regime.
Badawi has been languishing in a Saudi prison since his first arrest in 2012, and his subsequent sentencing in 2014 to 10 years imprisonment and 1000 lashes, itself constitutive of torture and a standing violation of international human rights law. Raif Badawi's "crime"? Establishing an online forum and exercising his right to freedom of expression.
Do tolerance and social peace prevail in Muslim-majority countries which enshrine "Islam" in law? Nowadays in most such countries, atheists, apostates and those who convert to another religion are persecuted. In a religion of peace, freedom of conscience and belief should be guaranteed to everyone.
Just as the greatest target of groups like ISIS and the Taliban comprise of fellow Muslims who are deemed apostates, the brunt of exclusivist ideologies is directed to fellow Muslims. Religious ideologues would like to proselytize and create enough mass following to achieve their political goals.
New Democrats demand action in case of Raif Badawi.
She was freed sometime Wednesday.
He says he doesn't want to compromise the safety of those who divulge details on human rights.
Federal officials have pushed the PM to form a closer partnership with the oil-rich nation.