Once you notice how many parts of our culture normalize rape, you'll start seeing it everywhere.
The former "Today" host says the accusation is "categorically false."
Experts say inadequate sex ed contributes to the problem.
Recent judgments highlight how Canada’s court system perpetuates rape myths, despite the push for change.
Thinking in terms of attraction serves only to shield perpetrators and blame the victims.
A brutal legal process that puts victims of sexual violence on trial makes convictions all too rare.
Christine Blasey Ford said she was sexually assaulted in 1982. I was raped just years earlier. People assume we'd be "over it" by now — that's not the case.
One of the video courses teaches about how "rape myths" can propagate "rapidly" during a trial.
Since 2013, victims of sexual assault turned their whispered voices into powerful movements around the world. That is Rae's legacy.
Both men have fetal alcohol syndrome.