RBC foreign workers

Canada should place a limit on the number of temporary foreign workers it allows into the country, before the program grows
Royal Bank of Canada isn't the only financial institution where employees are busy training their foreign replacements. Sources
Royal Bank of Canada has announced what appear to be significant restrictions to its use of non-Canadian workers. Faced with
The federal government is making it more difficult and more expensive for companies to turn to foreign workers to fill job
The head of the Royal Bank of Canada met with B.C. union leaders on Wednesday to discuss the contentious issue of outsourcing
In this day and age of free market orthodoxy, the banks don't like to think of themselves as having any sort of "moral obligations," only obligations to shareholders. But the protection Canadian banks enjoy -- the same protection that has allowed them to prosper internationally -- means that the banks do not operate in a free market environment, and if they want to continue having their cake and eating it too they should accept they have responsibilities towards the Canadians who have little choice but to bank with them.
The Royal Bank of Canada has issued a printed apology to workers affected by their outsourcing arrangements, but the bank's
As the Royal Bank of Canada faces stinging controversy over outsourcing jobs, some small business owners say that the strategy
Gord Nixon, the CEO of RBC, must have been pretty surprised when his bank’s move to outsource 45 jobs to contracted workers
The public’s visceral response to RBC’s foreign worker scandal is about more than the sullied reputation of Canada’s largest