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Royal Bank of Canada has announced what appear to be significant restrictions to its use of non-Canadian workers. Faced with
Canadians are not sitting back any more and taking bad corporate behaviour. We may have arrived at a tipping point where increasingly Canadians who have been shoved, are pushing back. The RBC "fire Canadians" story broke on a weekend. By the start of the week, politicians had heard from constituents across Canada. Over in Bangladesh, a garment factory collapsed in Rana Plaza, killing more than 700. And just because a videographer caught a glimpse of a Joe Fresh clothing label and some editor put that on Canadian television, suddenly Canada's best-known retail leader, Galen G. Weston, was all over the media.
The recent RBC outsourcing fiasco was so unusual, revealing and, for many Canadians, infuriating. Corporate Canada was watching as RBC flailed around amidst the firestorm of its own creation. You have to know everyone was taking notes. Publicly traded companies will be far more careful on farming out jobs.
Gord Nixon, the CEO of RBC, must have been pretty surprised when his bank’s move to outsource 45 jobs to contracted workers
Speaking to reporters in Calgary, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said his government will bring in a series of reforms "in
RBC's new slogan should be "Can your bank piss you off better than us?" Even after he got caught with his manicured hand in the foreign worker/outsourcing cookie jar, RBC supremo Gord Nixon and his executive cadre still doesn't get it. RBC, with its massive communications team, just flunked out of PR 101.
TORONTO - The multinational company at the centre of the Royal Bank of Canada's controversial decision to outsource dozens