RCMP commissioner

"It is important that Canadians see themselves reflected in the people that police them."
Brenda Lucki will be the first woman to permanently take the helm of the RCMP.
Bob Paulson announced a $100-million settlement of two class-action lawsuits stemming from harassment allegations, some of which date back to September 1974.
The RCMP have been plagued in recent years by allegations of bullying, intimidation and sexual harassment.
"I would encourage you all, though, to have confidence in the processes that exist," said Bob Paulson.
OTTAWA - The RCMP is making it simpler to release officers with serious medical problems, prompting fears that many ill members
An Ontario judge has admonished RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson for the way he has dealt with dissent within the force. Ontario
A blog started by anonymous rebels within the B.C. RCMP has been shut down. The Re-Sergeance Alliance, a group that claims
OTTAWA - RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson decried Wednesday the leak of an internal report that raised concerns about the prime