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recipes for kids

Great food doesn’t have to take hours to make. These meals make quick, delicious weeknight dinners. ALSO ON HUFFPOST:
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I love when fall comes and all the pumpkin goodies are in full effect. I wanted to make a pumpkin bar, but without 1 cup of oil and processed flour. My healthier version doesn't have any of that, and still came out moist and delicious.
You want to know how to raise a healthy eater? Be one. And teach your kids to cook. Oh, yes, it slows you down and it's a drag but in the long run, having a kid who can cook does as many good things for you and your household as it does for them and their lifelong health success.
This is the tale of a persnickety young boy who seemingly detests the beautiful, seasonal vegetables his mother places before him each night at dinner. One day his brilliant mother decides that instead of fighting with him, she's going to turn each of the ground-grown foods he bellyaches about into a pureed soup.