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renting vs buying

They're just probably not in the parts of town you want to live in.
It may be a good time to keep renting and save up a larger down payment.
Without the forced savings of a mortgage, here's how much you should be putting away.
The average house price in Canada for October was just under $506,000.
You can hold off on the housewarming gifts.
We all know the potential problems with renting — rent hikes, strict pet policies and less control over fixtures and paint
But her landlord has just sold their building so Armstrong has reluctantly started the search for a new place. "It is exhausting
Renting isn't so bad, and until you're absolutely, positively ready to afford a house (and the seemingly endless costs that come with it), you should probably focus on the brighter side of tenancy. Take a step back, sit out the home buying season, and relax.