Right To Die

Guidelines say families should be supported, but those who want to celebrate the assisted deaths of their loved ones can't do it at a church funeral.
"They have not listened to Canadian voices, to their own joint committee and even their own members of Parliament who have serious concerns about this bill."
She said a so-called "exemption opportunity" ends next month.
Hanne Schafer died with a physician's help in February.
A Supreme Court decision in February gave the federal government until June to come up with assisted-dying legislation, but said patients could apply for an exemption in the meantime.
Cardinal Thomas Collins weighed into the debate.
The committee will include six Liberals, 3 Tories, and 2 New Democrats.
With Canada forced to confront the challenges of an aging population and the Supreme Court establishing a deadline, the Canadian Medical Association is also pushing to make sure palliative care reform becomes a political priority.
The legislation was adopted by members of the national assembly in June 2014 and became law Dec. 10.
The clock is ticking.