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rob ford crack cocaine

Rob Ford warned people he'd be selling some controversial stuff on eBay. This particular item may be the most controversial yet.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s wife Renata expressed concern about her husband’s drug use to a “confidant,” according to a new
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is alleged to have been a frequent user of crack, marijuana and heroin according to explosive court
Ever since Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to having smoked crack cocaine, various city councillors and media observers have
Not even the Toronto Argonauts want anything to do with Toronto mayor Rob Ford. After Ford made shocking statements on Thursday
Squeezed in the jaws of rising income inequality, many suburbanites were receptive to Rob Ford's simple and coherent message: cut waste in government, hold the line on taxes, and end the "war on the car." For them, Ford was the right man at the right time.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford's approval rating has apparently held steady despite a scandal-plagued week involving admissions of
The dawn of one of Toronto's most enthralling police investigations didn't truly begin until, well, dawn. In the early morning
We've seen our share of bad tattoos but a Toronto man's new ink definitely takes the cake. Kevin Ledo decided to get a black
If there's a white-powdered lining to news that the mayor of the fourth-largest city in North America has a substance abuse problem, it's the opportunity to re-visit dangerous stereotypes about people who smoke crack. You've probably called them "crackheads" or "crack whores." You've probably used the word "crack baby." I probably have too without blinking. Why are we so comfortable using crack users as a verbal punching bag? The reason has roots in racism; Society didn't, and often still doesn't, respect the poor black people who are most associated with the drug.