rob ford crack video

When he was still in office, all of these criticisms were fair game. The man was an addict, and most progressives I know understand that addiction is a mental health issue and needs to be treated as such. Nonetheless, the man was in charge of our nation's largest metropolitan, and being an addict did not absolve him from the rightful criticism he received. But then he sought treatment. And then he was diagnosed with cancer. And then he died.
The footage was shot in May 2013.
The former Toronto mayor garnered international notoriety during his time in office.
TORONTO - Former mayor Rob Ford's driver will have to stand trial on an extortion charge. The judge's decision in the case
Mayor Rob Ford has been ordered to testify at his friend's "crack video'' extortion hearing in a case his lawyer said Friday
Several people arrested in the infamous Project Traveller police raids — which led to the investigation of Mayor Rob Ford
TORONTO - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is set to return from rehab on Monday to the intense public glare from which he has been
His trip to rehab came about a year after reports first broke that someone had been offering to sell a video showing the
The storyline in a typical political comeback often starts with wrongdoing, then moves to an admission of guilt, then an
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford popped up on the streets of Midland, Ont. Friday and stopped to take pictures with residents. According