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Say what you will about Toronto mayor Rob Ford, the man knows how to get attention. Fresh from a very prominent night out
After watching Gawker's Indiegogo campaign successfully raise enough money to purchase what was thought to be a video of Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine I was in awe. To think that thousands would fund the unproven with their sole reward being intrinsic, well, that set my gears grinding.
U.S.-based gossip website Gawker had promised to donate the money collected through an online campaign if the video didn't
TORONTO - A mobile game for Google Android devices is lampooning the controversy surrounding an alleged video appearing to
Gawker’s attempt to raise money to pay drug dealers for an infamous alleged video of Toronto’s mayor smoking crack cocaine
The ongoing Rob Ford "crack video" saga has become a daily ‘he-said, media-said’ affair, with stunning allegations made by
More than one online commenter has asked whether Gawker will share revenue from pageviews with their donors if they are able to purchase the alleged Ford video. I'm more curious whether the donors will share the credit and the blame if crowdfunding checkbook journalism becomes the next big thing.
Gawker's "Crackstarter" has succeeded in raising $200,000 to buy the alleged video of Rob Ford smoking crack, but Twitter
The Rob Ford 'Crackstarter' campaign has hit its $200,000 goal. The campaign, started by Gawker last week, to buy a video
A day earlier, Ford told reporters it is "business as usual," despite the abrupt departure of a handful of his senior staff