rob ford death

The footage was shot in May 2013.
He was an incompetent mayor and used racial slurs that I found offensive. That is why I never supported him and my disappointment in him had its limits. However, I voted, donated resources and volunteered for Mayor John Tory, and that is why I find the actions of the current mayor and that of his most loyal allies within council even more hurtful.
The funeral service on Wednesday afternoon, which was open to the public, drew a mix of Ford's family, members of the public and an array of politicians.
"That's classic Rob."
The city says the rare honour has not been granted to a former mayor in decades. 
"There is a constituency there that can be politically mobilized.''
The video shows Ford as mayor, and while he was running for re-election, talking about his track record, and encouraging people to vote.
Funeral details for the late politician have been shared by his family.
The former Toronto mayor garnered international notoriety during his time in office.
“I loved Rob so much I took care of him and protected him from the day he was born.”