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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had his high school players roll in goose droppings, threatened to beat up a teacher, showed up drunk
There have been a lot of Rob Ford lookalikes over the years, but this one is just uncanny. If Toronto's mayor was an English
You've got to hand it to Rob Ford: His passion for coaching high school football is undeniable. Author Robyn Doolittle appeared
Rob Ford was the subject of much mockery and scorn Thursday morning after making some less-than cogent comments about public
Toronto's embattled mayor showed up at Rogers Centre on Sunday to watch his Argonauts lose the East final to the Hamilton
Despite a plea from the CFL commissioner to stay away, an upbeat looking Ford showed up to watch his hometown Argonauts take
Anybody want some football gear? Looks like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will have to donate his old equipment -- including helmets
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been dismissed as head football coach at Etobicoke’s Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School. The
As Toronto police work to find the suspect in a fatal shooting that took a young man’s life, Mayor Rob Ford says he is reeling
Alan Lenczner, Mayor Ford's defence attorney, is a damn good lawyer -- arguably the best litigator around. And he did a bang-up job in court on Monday during Rob Ford's appeal hearing in downtown Toronto. His argument is a legitimate one -- but his argument won't work. That's because it is a policy argument and not a legal argument. Appeal Courts, in general, are not there to reconsider facts -- just law. The appeal will fail.