rob ford hospitalized

The city councillor's chief of staff released a statement late Thursday saying Ford's family was by the politician's side in hospital.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been released from hospital after receiving chemotherapy treatment for the rare type of cancer
The mayor went into hospital 11 days ago, at which point a tumour was discovered in his abdomen. He has since been diagnosed
April 30: The lawyer for Ford announces the Toronto mayor will take a leave of absence to seek help for substance abuse. June
And Dr. Mary O'Connor of the Mayo Clinic in Florida said available signs point to Ford's case being further along the severity
Organizers made some minor changes to the ending, pulled a planned red carpet, and dimmed the marquee out of respect for
The fallout from Rob Ford dropping out of the mayoral race is yet to be seen but there is a hidden picture which bears discussion -- the age old myth: "it might happen to you but it won't happen to me!" When an illness strikes or a death occurs it is too late to take care of many important issues.
UPDATE: Humber River Hospital confirmed Thursday that Rob Ford has been transferred to Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital "for