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The former Toronto mayor garnered international notoriety during his time in office.
TORONTO - The return of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford from two months in rehab brought a smile to the face of talk show host Jimmy
It’s confirmed: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in rehab and the facility is somewhere in North America, according to CBC News
Rob Ford can make one heck of an entrance. Toronto’s embattled mayor entered the room at his re-election campaign kickoff
It's something Canadians -- not just Torontonians -- are used to seeing by now: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in his element. That
Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel, Rob Ford superfan, to draw a comparison between Toronto’s infamous mayor and John F. Kennedy. Yes
Jimmy Kimmel is not tired of Rob Ford yet, even if the rest of us are. Also on HuffPost
So, this happened. The Ford brothers used their not-so-popular YouTube show Friday to fire back at actor Kevin Spacey, who
Jimmy Kimmelhad his fun with Rob Ford. Now it's the late-night host's turn to appear on the Toronto's mayor's own talk show
When Kimmel invited Ford to appear as a guest on his talk show, sharing the bill with Gonzo from Sesame Street, most of us knew that nothing good was going to come of this. But what actually transpired was, in my view, unbelievably awful -- more so than I could have imagined. By now, we all understand that Rob Ford is a sick man, in any number of ways. His various addictive behaviours, from food, to alcohol, to lying and yes, perhaps to crack, appear to not even begin to crumble the façade of a man who desperately needs help with some pretty clear physical and mental health issues. And Jimmy Kimmel should be ashamed of himself.