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The former Toronto mayor garnered international notoriety during his time in office.
Ford raised the subject during a speech to a business conference in Toronto on Saturday. He told the National Franchise and
Rob Ford wants you to know his crack-smoking “drunken stupor” days are “gone, finished.” The Toronto mayor made the familiar
For the first time since Ford completed two months in rehab, he took questions about his substance abuse from journalists
Marion Barry, the former mayor of Washington, D.C. who was once caught on camera smoking crack cocaine, says Rob Ford is
The woman charged with driving under the influence in Rob Ford's SUV says she was directed to the Toronto mayor's house by
A bombshell report about Rob Ford's stay in a rehab is sparking debate about how much citizens are entitled to know about
TORONTO - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford won't guarantee he will stay sober if he's re-elected, saying on a radio show Friday that
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has reimbursed the city for the salary he received during his two-month stay in a Muskoka rehab facility
In his first post-rehab interview, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to "lying, conniving and hiding to cover up" his substance