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The Toronto Star is keeping quiet about how much it paid for a now infamous video of an inebriated Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpgThat the cries for Rob Ford's head would be so loud and unanimous after a week of damning bombshells is hardly surprising. That's a perfectly sensible opinion, but it's also an essentially arbitrary measurement of fitness for public office stemming solely from a subjective standard of morality.
Mayor Rob Ford is ignoring the calls for him to step down from his job, so it’s time for Toronto councillors to stop calling
The ongoing Rob Ford "crack video" saga has become a daily ‘he-said, media-said’ affair, with stunning allegations made by
Gawker may have lost touch with the people who have the alleged Toronto Mayor Rob Ford video, but other copies of the footage
Deputy mayor Doug Holyday said he believed the mayor but wasn't convinced others would feel the same "I mean I didn't write
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford broke his silence Friday and issued an unequivocal denial that he uses crack cocaine. Reading from
When Toronto's history is written, the chapter on the present era should be titled "The Lost Years". The world is changing rapidly. Around the globe cities are being built, reinvented and redefined. Except in Toronto. Here, we have other things on our mind, a result of the city's current ailment: Rob Ford syndrome.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford took to the airwaves Sunday and criticized the very radio station on which he was broadcasting — Newstalk
Earlier Tuesday, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was caught by a member of the public while he was reading and driving on the Gardiner Expressway. Last year, there was also another accusation of the mayor driving while talking on the phone. The mayor should accept a publicly paid driver immediately and if his focus is still to save and advocate for the taxpayer -- he should live his words and even consider paying for it himself.