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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford marked World Press Freedom Week on Monday night. Ford gave a speech stressing the importance of the
After confronting the reporter who was within a dog whistle of his property, mayor Rob Ford was quoted as saying that "every single person said I should have just cooked the guy." Well, no wonder the reporter was frightened. Who wouldn't be if they saw Ford thundering at them with that Hannibal Lecter glint in the eye and a notion that he might cook them?
When the Toronto Star's City Hall reporter, Daniel Dale, was caught snooping behind Mayor Rob Ford's home, he became frightened. When confronted, journalists don't usually yell for help, drop their camera and recorder, and run away. Maybe when facing a mob in Somalia, but not when a Toronto mayor catches you snooping. Gracious!
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has had a prickly relationship with the Toronto Star, the city's largest newspaper, for a number of
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is threatening to freeze out all city hall media unless a Toronto Star reporter he got into a tense
Star lovers, and their numbers are many, have every right to expect that news out of Toronto City Hall, that may well affect their lives, will be shared with their favourite paper. After all, they too are the mayor's constituents.
I'm sorry Mayor Ford. I know you're angry at the Toronto Star, many of whose readers aren't particularly fond of you. And that particular story wasn't very flattering. But guess what? Tough luck. You don't get to play kingmaker; you don't get to bully your way through this.
Ford will revoke the ban on the Toronto Star ASAP if he desires any future in this city. The question is, what's the next step after that? He can't buddy-up to the paper -- reconciliation isn't an option when the entire city knows it would be an entirely empty gesture.