robin williams depression

Rare are the moments where reading of an actor's passing does much more to me other than illicit a half-shrug before I carry on with my day, but in the case of Robin Williams it stopped me straight in my tracks. Williams depression wasn't new. He was an alcoholic with a long history of substance abuse. He dodged consistent allegations of stealing jokes throughout his years as a stand-up comic. He suffered. Despite and through the laughs, he suffered.
Following the suicidal death of actor and comedian Robin Williams on Monday, many around the world have started an open dialogue
After a lengthy battle with addiction and depression, actor Robin Williams took his own life on Monday, August 11. Throughout
Funny people aren't supposed to take their own lives. But then again, neither are fathers or mothers or first responders or any of the other host of people we outwardly see as having too much to live for. The way things appear to others is never the whole picture. Those who struggle with depression are not so easily defined by only the characteristics everyone else sees.
Williams shows off his improv skills on Bravo's "Inside The Actors Studio" Williams’ sudden death caught Hollywood by surprise