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Some people voted in the dark. Some couldn't vote at all.
It's illegal to willfully misdirect voters, a spokesperson said.
It's normal that some errors occur, according to Elections Canada.
"This is not a Conservative Party of Canada website."
Those who support the Conservatives see their party as practicing and upholding traditional family, moral and biblical values. Even though the Conservative government is extreme and disrespectful of science, knowledge, fact and rationality, its supporters would simply overlook faults even when they are glaring.
The trial of former Conservative staffer Micheal Sona has revealed some intriguing new details about misleading robocalls
It was not until the media began covering the story that the number of robocalls complaints exploded. A whopping 3597 articles were written in 2012 about the "robocalls" affair, leading to Elections Canada receiving over 40,000 "complaints." But those "complaints" didn't come from electors reporting that they had received a call.
What do Canadians really understand about the Fair Elections Act? So we asked them. We put the topic to our readers in an unscientific online survey on April 15. Within six hours, we had 500 responses from readers.
OTTAWA — The Conservative government will amend its Fair Elections Act this week, stripping many controversial items in the
OTTAWA — Michael Sona, the only person charged in the robocall scandal, says the federal government’s Fair Elections Act