Rocky mountains

There was strong pushback against the government's plan to expand coal mining in the Rocky Mountains.
We might be a young country, but as a destination, we have many offerings for tourists.
The Canadian Rockies are a favourite summer and winter destination for travellers around the world. But many are missing out on the more mellow fall months, when crowds are thin, temperatures are just right, and the scenery is arguably more photogenic than any other time of year.
If you're going to travel across Western Canada, you'd be remiss to not take the scenic route. And there's nothing more scenic than a train. All aboard!
The Castle region is renowned for its biodiversity.
Is this even real?
Hopewell Rocks, those beautiful natural structures, change from islands to massive rocks when the tide goes out. To be honest, though, the real beauty of the east coast is the people. While traveling solo there a few years ago, I don't think I had a single meal alone, I was invited to join people every time. Amazing people.
There are definitive reasons why Calgary has emerged as a world-class city as the Economist Intelligence Unit's Livability Survey suggests, which has named our city the 5th Most Livable in the World for 4 consecutive years in a row.
I knew this day would come, sooner or later. The two runs I had completed earlier this week, were around zero Celsius and the weather forecast for the weekend was cold, very cold. It's 6.30am on Sunday morning and I'm looking through frosted glass at the outside thermometer. The red mercury line is at -22C, and I later find out its -26C with the wind chill.
'Tis the season to do what we cannot do during the rest of the year; skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, dog-sledding and snowmobiling are but a few of the adventurous activities made available by the winter season.