rod phillips

Phillips returned to Ontario this morning after spending more than two weeks in St. Barts on vacation despite pandemic guidelines.
Rod Phillips says he will discuss his political future with the premier.
The province's premier said he found out about Phillips being on vacation roughly two weeks ago.
“The advice has been unequivocal. Now is not the time to be travelling,” said Minister Bill Blair.
Minister Rod Phillips apologized Tuesday after it was revealed he’s vacationing in St. Barts.
The minister said he made a mistake and is making arrangements to return to Ontario immediately.
The Seniors Home Safety Tax Credit was specifically requested by a real estate group.
The province is freeing up $1.8 billion in municipal cash to delay property tax bills.
The province’s 2020 budget will be released March 25.
The fight over equalization payments has raged for generations, one economics professor said.