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Rod Zimmer

Six more senators have paid back money they owed from filing "questionable" or ineligible expenses, yet some $660,000 is
One apparently spent $11,252 in ineligible travel to a family members' convocation in Kingston, a golf trip to Montreal with former senators, meetings with family members and a tailor, and a fishing trip.
Maygan Sensenberger, the 24-year-old wife of retiring Senator Rod Zimmer, could bank more than $500,000 in the decades ahead
It turns out Liberal Senator Rod Zimmer, who resigned Tuesday amid ongoing health problems, is a Belieber. In fact, the 70
Maygan Sensenberger's acting debut in the movie "First Ladies" has hit the web. Sensenberger, who shot to national prominence
Maygan Sensenberger and her husband Sen. Rod Zimmer made a bizarre appearance on Tuesday in their first interview since the
Maygan Sensenberger has pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance on a flight and Twitter users are reacting. Senator Rod Zimmer's
Maygan Sensenberger, wife of Senator Rod Zimmer, has pleaded guilty in a case that has grabbed the attention of a nation
Maygan Sensenberger, wife of Senator Rod Zimmer, has had her case adjourned until Thursday. Sensenberger, who is charged
It seems Maygan Sensenberger's current foray into the legal system is not her first. She has a criminal record. Sensenberger