Rogers Communications

Canada is at risk of "regulatory capture" in its telecom industry, TekSavvy is arguing.
Shares fell more than six per cent in trading Wednesday after the company warned it has become a victim of its own success.
Upstart competitor Freedom Mobile is already offering an unlimited plan.
Fantasizing about murdering your boss is normal; the A.I. sex robots are coming.
"Affordable plans are critical to ensuring that everyone in Canada is able to participate in our digital society."
Rogers is already a major player and Bell wants in — but there are benefits to the CRTC giving smaller companies a chance.
Canada risks “reverting to a monopoly” for internet services due to requirements the small players say they can’t meet.
The affected staff worked on Macleans, Canadian Business and Chatelaine, among others.
Our media may not be reading off identical scripts quite yet, but we'd be fooling ourselves to think there isn't a problem.
Rogers Communications has seen the largest spike in its CEO-to-worker pay gap.