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Ron Burgundy

Now, let's be clear -- we are not talking mere encouraging chants, or lively calls. For the athletes, the shouting is an all-out, intense, battle cry of exchanges that echo around the arena. At least one imagines it echoes, but cannot be sure as the cheering crowd often drowns out the play with their own fervor.
Rob Ford, should you be legally allowed to run for mayor again, though I may not have the courage of many of my neighbours to cast a vote in your direction, I most certainly will watch delightedly as you sweat your way through a seemingly endless string of awkward hallway press scrums and barely-veiled bigotry. You have taught me to accept what I do not understand.
Ron Burgundy is coming to Canadian TV. The legendary anchorman will join TSN for its broadcast of the the Roar of the Rings
Ron Burgundy may prefer Scotch (Scotchy, Scoth, Scoth) to Russian Prince vodka, but he still has plenty in common with Rob