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ross kay

The problem the housing bears have had is they are reading the same fairy tales about Canada's housing market that the housing bulls continue to suggest all Canadians keep reading. It's time to stop turning the pages and start reading what the words are really saying.
Carleigh Pawlikowski is a bit of a control freak. So when it came to the biggest purchase of her life — a first home — she
Over the past few weeks the various media have inundated us with housing projections, prophecies and prognostications. The housing market is going up -- or going down! (compared to what?) What do those headlines even mean? Are housing starts up? Are housing prices up? Are the number of homes sold up? Or are more and more people building and living in concrete high rises?
The Canadian Real Estate Association has concerns with the Huffington Post article about "phantom listings" on MLS Systems of Real estate Boards and Associations, specifically, allegations made by a third party that duplicate listings inflate monthly sales figures and average prices, as well as the figures presented as evidence of this.
A real estate consultant’s warning that housing market data in Canada is being artificially inflated has some economists