Royal Dutch Shell

Canada's oil industry insists things will pick up. Not everyone agrees.
TORONTO — Canadian Natural Resources will spend C$12.74 billion in cash and shares to acquire the bulk of Royal Dutch Shell's
Blame low oil prices and ... the carbon tax?
Ben van Beurden told reporters last week that his company ranks investment opportunities in its global portfolio project
Excluding one-time items and fluctuations in the value of inventories, the company said profit dropped to $1.8 billion, from $5.8 billion a year earlier.
Shell made the Carmon Creek announcement on Tuesday, the same day Notley was handing down her budget.
CALGARY -- Royal Dutch Shell is scrapping its Carmon Creek oilsands project in northwestern Alberta, citing a lack of pipelines
CALGARY - Royal Dutch Shell's plans to explore for oil off Alaska's northwestern coast are being closely watched in Canada
With oil prices down 60 per cent since last summer, some industry insiders are trying to talk up the market by predicting
It was less than six months ago that a handful of energy companies resorted to selling off portions of their stake in the oil patch after failing to garner the kind of investor support they needed to fund major projects.