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royal tour

Let's go ahead and call it the Kate Middleton tour! After wowing us in a bold aquamarine dress and a casual chic ensemble
Kate Middleton wore her boldest look yet on day 7 of the royal couple's tour of New Zealand on April 13. Wearing a vivid
It may just the best job in the world: Travel with the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge in style, and of course have face-to
The face of Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most recognizable in the world, thanks to her appearance on coins and cash in
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpgOf course, this year's Victoria week was uniquely special since we were able to engage in the never-tiresome debate about the appropriate role of royal symbolism right in the faces of actual royals! With Prince Charles and his current wife in town, perhaps someone could squeeze out a couple hundred words about why England's power couple makes us proud to be Canadian, said the nation's editors.
Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, landed in Fredericton on Sunday night, making New Brunswick the first stop on their
From unplanned PDA and heartfelt confessions to the public to Kate's wardrobe of re-worn clothes and visits with underprivileged kids, the royal newlyweds just gave the monarchy a giant insta-makeover on their rocking royal tour.
For years, royalty was untouchable. But in the space of just 66 days since they were married, William and Kate have overturned the stuffy and stuck-up royal image. PDA has played a big part in doing it and here's why.
After a fun-filled day in Prince Edward Island, William and Kate flew north to the land of the midnight sun. A crowd of a
The royal newlyweds arrived Sunday night in Prince Edward Island at the Charlottetown airport, where a loud 'Yay' was heard