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Rupert Murdoch

The owner of Fox News spent $28.8 million on the place just four years ago.
A pro-Brexit billionaire is the "biggest loser" in the post-Brexit wipeout.
The couple tied the knot earlier this month.
She definitely capitalized on the "something blue" tradition.
Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News has given the Keystone XL pipeline some of its most positive coverage, but Murdoch himself doesn’t
This family's privacy has survived a princely pater familias reputed to have enjoyed rather frequent romps with ladies who were neither his sovereign nor his wife and a promiscuous princess married to the heir to the throne among other things. After such a history, a little blurry bare breastedness, shot from a great distance, really shouldn't qualify to right-thinking people as either "grotesque" or "totally unjustifiable."
My admiration for Rupert Murdoch's boldness and acumen and our previous 25 years of more than civil relations make it unpleasant, despite his unspeakable assault on me, to have to conclude that he is deeply repressed and malicious man.
I am groggy with disbelief at the London Financial Times' suggestion that British justice should now, having preserved its virtue and a reasonable facsimile of due process for centuries, adopt the American plea bargain, at least in corporate matters.
The press release announcing my resignation from Hollinger was on the wires the Monday morning after my decision. Murdoch's New York Post became the outlet for every fictional tale of my enemies and then some enthusiastically invented by the Post itself.
In light of the British phone hacking scandal, such media purity may seem like a good thing