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same sex marriage

The NDP leader responded to a video of Scheer’s anti-same-sex marriage speech from 2005.
It's been a pretty fantastic season for the Royal Family.
From the mouths of babes.
They struggled for years to adopt.
Dr. Mohammad Fadel, a Professor at the University of Toronto, offered a reflection on the possible theological inclusion
“This [motion] is very divisive. It will drive people out of our party.”
Against overwhelming odds, LGBT Muslim leaders refuse to let go of hope. They offer vulnerable LGBT Muslims safe spaces, much needed community and a sense of belonging, all that they are denied in mainstream Muslim spaces.
Recently, American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour broached the issue of LGBT Muslims, among other issues on the Al Jazeera program UpFront. She raised the concern of creating spaces to bring LGBT Muslims closer to Islam. Those involved in the discussion were cissgender males, one of whom equated same-sex unions with drugs and alcohol on the basis that both are considered sins. If the objective was to create safe spaces for marginalized LGBT Muslims, then the discussion failed.