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Sammy Yatim toronto

The father of Sammy Yatim, the 18-year-old fatally shot by Toronto police one year ago, says the questions surrounding his
In 1981, I co-authored an article titled: ''Police Use of Lethal Force: A Toronto Perspective." Our examination revealed that the majority of the lethal police shootings were confrontation situations of clear legal justification by the police. However, five of the cases raised issues about police tactics and training for armed operations.
Amateur videos circulating of Sammy Yatim's death over the weekend have been parsed by the public and experts, but many questions
Ontario's ombudsman says that despite promises from Toronto's police chief and union that they will co-operate with the provincial
Yesterday, Toronto witnessed a protest in search for answers of Sammy Yatim's death. I can understand the lack of trust and respect for the police if you yourself have been a victim of police brutality. But at what point does a sincere protest become a parade of stupidity on our streets? "We want justice for Sammy" many protesters shouted. I agree whole heartedly that the questions we all have about the events of Saturday morning need to be answered. Until we get those answers, is categorizing all police officers as killers and murderers going to bring Sammy any justice?
Sammy Yatim was holding a knife when he ordered people not to leave a Toronto streetcar, says a young man who used a bicycle
The fatal shooting of Sammy Yatim near downtown Toronto's Trinity Bellwoods Park — an incident captured by amateur video
New security footage of Sammy Yatim's shooting has emerged, giving a different look at the scene and what happened before
A family is in shock after a police shooting left a young man dead on a Toronto streetcar this weekend. Sammy Yatim was shot