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saskatchewan fires

The province spent about $130 million last year.
Some mayors complained that the policy let fires get too close to northern communities last year before there was an adequate response.
About 100 properties were lost and more than 13,000 people had to leave their homes.
Animals such as elk, deer, moose and bears have the instinct to get ahead of the forest fire before it's too late, Darrell
Information circulating on social media has been a challenge over the past two weeks, as wildfires and smoke forced about
He went into the woods for some privacy, and the only thing hurt was his pride.
Flames and thick smoke have forced about 13,000 people out of their homes in at least 50 communities over the last two weeks.
Hundreds of soldiers have traded their camouflage duds for bright-orange fire-fighting jumpsuits.
Those studying the issue say the human toll of wildfire needs to be balanced against the reality that vulnerable forests are going to burn either way -- especially given the mounting pressures presented by climate change.
About 360 troops were building fire guards and clearing brush near La Ronge and Montreal Lake. Steve Roberts with Saskatchewan