Alberta Health Services says residents over the age of 75 are being targeted by the calls.
B.C. residents have received threatening letters claiming their lives are in danger.
If you get them, don't plant them — report them.
"Brushing" could be part of a bigger identity fraud ring, experts say.
Officials were fooled into sending money to a fraudulent account.
"This man ruins lives."
A new beginning: that's what our move was supposed to be. Instead, what followed was a maddening — and alarming — series of visitors.
Canadians lost millions to scams in 2016.
Victims have reported almost $70,000 in losses since the start of 2016.
The famous saying "the devil's in the details" is really no joke, and hiding in the shadows of accountability, legal documentation and paper trails is how scammers and con artists trick unsuspecting renters into blowing thousands of dollars on non-existent rental units. Don't let yourself be a victim.