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Scotland Independence

"Canada is half Scotsmen anyway."
Below the surface of the proposed British exit from the European Union is a sense of great consternation in the smaller countries that make up the United Kingdom. Having lived, studied and worked throughout the U.K. for the past two years, the divisions within the country are striking and broader than most North Americans realize.
The referendum in Scotland demonstrates the risks of England denying tax benefits to charities which promote indigenous Scottish values. Canada should have the self-confidence to respect the values and purposes which emanate from Quebec's people and legislature when granting tax benefits to registered charities.
Scotland rejected independence on Friday in a referendum that left the centuries-old United Kingdom intact but paved the way for a major transfer of powers away from London. The Scottish referendum has smashed the status quo in the U.K. and is the most recent, high profile, non-violent example of the rise of the consumer-citizen.
The vote on Thursday — 55 per cent against independence to 45 per cent in favour — prevented a rupture of a 307-year union
The decision prevented a rupture of a 307-year union with England, bringing a huge sigh of relief to Britain's economic and
Let the handwringing begin. From London, to Madrid, to Ottawa and beyond, Scotland’s ballot battle commands the attention
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LONDON, England - Breaking up the United Kingdom would not serve the greater global interest, nor the interest of ordinary
At first glance, it might seem Quebec and Scotland have little in common. But look a little closer and some similarities