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Twenty years after my divorce, I can remember -- vividly -- the books that saved me during those early days of finding my way alone. Each book gave me something- the language, hope, and understanding- to help me process the trauma. Millions of people experience the pain of divorce each year.
Hopefully, you're planning a trip or two this summer. And hopefully, at least one of those getaways will include time to
If you just cleaned out your bookshelf, this is the perfect time to visit your favourite local bookstore and fill it back
What if I were to tell you that the success of your journey towards reclaiming your personal power will largely hinge on stories? Life is about stories. The stories we tell each other. The stories we tell ourselves. Our stories define who we are. This isn't a process that we're necessarily aware of. This is a problem.
This may come as a surprise: You are where you are today because of choices you made. In other words, you got yourself into this. You might be saying to yourself: It's not my fault that I'm underpaid, even though the work I do is really hard. Well, who chose that job? Who chose to keep it?