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Troubled teens seem willing to self-sabotage every aspect of their potential future: not participating in class, staying up late, sleeping most of the day away and then missing school. The most frustrating part of this is that these same people are often very gifted in some ways and yet here they are... stuck.
I've spent the greater part of my medical career asking myself, "Why do we embark on these negative behaviors if we all want to be healthy?" We all look at ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves that we must change yet go through the same motions the next day.
Psychologist Gay Hendricks theorizes that we all have an upper limit problem. He says we have an inner thermostat where we set how much love, happiness, success and money we feel we deserve. If we go beyond this self-imposed limit, we do something to sabotage ourselves to bring us back down to that old and familiar level.