It's a mass of ice hanging off a cliff. Come on people.
And unlikeable ... and unsuccessful ... and less dependent ... and ...
An operations chief is warning people to not come by "if you have no reason to be here."
“Imagine being able to watch a similar video that one of your parents made.”
Everyone plays social games and sometimes I believe that they are played so automatically and effortlessly that the game
He won't talk about his government's non-progressive policies, but man does he ever look good with his shirt off. This calculation is duplicitous; it showcases an accessible leader but one with little time to get into the specifics of the policies that run counter to Trudeau's reputation of a real progressive. It is the best of Trudeau, it is the worst of Trudeau, and until his gushing fans and the complicit media start doing their jobs by demanding transparency, we will be stuck having to tolerate both.
We live in a world of selfies, life style baiting and constant social fishing for likes and follows. Where does it all get us? If you're feeling needy, give back to those who need it and see how you feel afterwards